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Guoste Tamulynaite

Guoste Tamulynaite (born 1992 in Lithuania) is an Oslo-based pianist and composer. Both as a performer and composer, Guoste is interested in examining the complexity of individual things, such as a sound, a gesture or an object, and then being able to put them together, next to or in relation to each other. In this way, a minimalist expression emerges that can be recognized in both her sonic and conceptual works. Recently, she has expanded her repertoire to also compose with objects, movement, and light alongside the musical material.

Guoste is educated at the Norwegian Academy of Music. She has a master’s degree in performing classical piano with a focus on composition, improvisation and exploration of alternative playing styles. She has also completed a 1-year focused study in composition in addition to a Bachelor of Music with Individual Concentration, where she explored composition with acoustic and electronic instruments, primarily with the trio Braid (with Ellen-Martine Gismervik on cello and Torstein Lavik Larsen on trumpet and electronics).