Aron Dahl

Aron Dahl (they/him) is a trans masculine composer, singer, sound synthesist, improviser, songwriter and filmmaker currently based somewhere in between Los Angeles, Oslo and Copenhagen. His work is a genre defying mix of analogue synths, chamber music, field recordings, techno beats and nativistic pop, encompassing themes of identity, alienation, BDSM and transcendence. His debut solo album Loosening Orion’s Belt, released under the name Danielle Dahl, was awarded by the Danish Arts Council as one of the 10 best releases in 2018.

Dahls live show has been described as a shamanistic ritual by Hans Joachim Roedelius, or as an artistic boxing match with the self.

Dahl has toured in Europe, Japan and North-America and their music has been featured in The Wire, Politiken, Passive/Aggressive, I Care If you Listen, LA Weekly as well as a number of underground zines and blogs.