Jan Martin Smørdal foto Andreas Ulvo

Foto: Andreas Ulvo

Jan Martin Smørdal

Master degree from Academy of Music in Oslo. Concerned with topics where improvisation meets traditional composing. His pieces are often connected to themes about swarming, flock dynamics and emergent behaviour.

Composed commissioned works for chamber musicians, solo pieces, sinfonietta ensembles, choirs – and installations. Worked with several orchestras in Norway, as well as chamber orchestras.Co-founder and director of the Ensemble neoN, cooperating with international renown musicians and composers like Oren Ambarchi, Alvin Lucier, Marina Rosenfeld and Susanna Wallumrød. Worked 10 years as performer and guitar player in bands, and as a soloartist.

Made numerous productions with the performance ensemble L.U.N. Produced, composed, performed and arranged on more than numerous records since 2004, contributing to several Norwegian Grammy awards (Spellemannpris).Worked as teacher in improvisation at the Academy of Music, and occasionally as supervisor for MAs.