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Bjørn Erik Haugen

My name is Bjørn Erik Haugen, and I have an MA from the National Academy in Oslo 2007. I work mainly with sculpture, sound- and video installation. I work from a conceptual platform where the idea to the work comes before the material, media or way of expression.

In my work am concerned about how the TV and other screen-based medias makes in impact on our lives. The influence this has on our perception of reality is something I think is problematic and fascinating. My intention is that my works shall make the viewer reflect and discuss the speculative and spectacular of what we see on the screens that surrounds us in our daily life, with that I mean everything from internet and computer games to TV, films, commercials, banners and video.

My works has been shown on the annual national autumn exhibition in Norway, and have been screened in Wienna, Barcelona, Sweden, Germany, England and in USA. I exhibited at Transmediale, Berlin, February this year. I received«Honorary Mention» at Prix Ars Electronica 2012 in the section Digital Musics & Sound Art. One of my videos was screened at Palais de Tokyo, during Rencontres Internacionales, December 2012 and at WRO International Media Art Biennale in May. In 2014 I exhibited at Bucharest Biennial, ISCM 2014 and e Bristol Biennial. is year I exhibited at Fotogalleriet, Oslo and at 28 Festival Les Instants Vidéo, Marseille in France. Next year I will exhibit at a group-exhibition at Kunstnerforbundet, at Space/Time, Berlin and at Studio 17 in Stavanger.