Natasha Barrett Carsten Aniksdal 2021 web 5

Foto: Carsten Aniksdal

Natasha Barrett

Natasha Barrett is a composer specialising in acousmatic and live electroacoustic concert works, sound-art, installations and interactive music. Her work is often created by exploring cutting-edge audio technologies, yet strives for the music and not the technology to take centre stage. She has produced internationally acclaimed music and research in fields of 3-D sound, sonification and geoscience, and collaborates with performers, visual artists, architects and scientists.

Recent collaborations include 3-D video artists OpenEndedGroup (USA), vocal ensemble Nordic Voices (NO), soloists Karin Hellqvist (SE) and Nils Henrik Asheim (NO), and geoscientists at the University of Oslo. She has received 26 prizes in international competitions, notably the Nordic Council Music Prize and the Concours International de Musique Electroacoustique Bourges 'Euphonie D'Or'. Beside her work as an independent composer, she is active in performance and education, co-leads the ensemble Electric Audio Unit, and is currently professor of at the Norwegian Academy for Music.